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On our website, we use a few words that are not very common, unique to german technical terminology or not translated in the most understandable way.

We collected them here to explain and we will add further unclear words as soon as we encounter them, for example when being asked questions.


The term is derived from the french word inoxydable and discribes a type of steel. The exact metallurgy may be looked up in an encyclopedia.

The only practical difference to V2A steel concerning our products is of optical nature: V2A tanks appear more silver-like whereas INOX has a very slight yellow, brass-like tint. The difference is noticeable in direct comparision.


Colour standard commonly used in Germany to exactly describe the desired color in the powder-coating method and many other coloring processes.

Use a search engine to find a RAL color chart.

fixed market trolley

Describes a trolley onto which the vacuum cleaners tank is mounted.

This type of trolley is moved by walking behind and pushing it.

tilting trolley

With this type of trolley, the waste tank can be tilted to empty it. Heavy lifting is significantly reduced.

commercial vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners designed for professional users like craftsmen, cleaning staff, cleaning companys, production sites, construction sites.

tank socket

Socket that receives the hoses sleeve and holds it. Connector between tank an hose.

Often allows the hose sleeve to turn, reduces twisting.

sleeve (in hose context)

Part connecting hose and tank. Often turnable within the tank socket.