Industrial vacuum cleaner Maxibag with endless bag in use

Maxibag 515

The industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners of the maxibg series are equipped with a stainless steel tank and an “endless bag” system.

Industrial vacuum cleaner Maxibag with endless bag 3 Flow

Maxibag 429 / 629
Maxibag 440 / 640

Industrial vacuum cleaner Maxibag with endless bag in transportation and storage mode

The devices can be retracted for transportation

•Filter: Polycarbonate pre-filter and Polyester filter cartridge (1 Micron)
with 1,2 m² filter area.
•Paper filter cartridge (11 Micron) and HEPA-filter cartridge (H13)
are also available.
•The device is provided with a 20m long LONGOPAC® collection system.
It allows the user to collect dust easily and continuously in bags.
This way, emptying the tank is not necessary and
flighty dust is not diffused in the working area.
Thanks to the ruggedised plastic bag, it is possible with the LONGOPAC®
system to make a sealed waste bag, which can be disposed of easily.

Model Number of motors Power of the Two-stage-by-pass motors
Volt/Hz Water-lift
mm H2O
max. air flow m³/h Bag-capacity in liters
Maxibag 515 1 1200 max. 230/50 2500 215 20/30
Maxibag 429 / 629 2 2400 max. 230/50 2500 430 20/30
Maxibag 440 / 640 3 3300 max. 230/50 2500 645 20/30

This device is also available with the new 3 Flow System: Maxibag 3 Flow