3 Flow Plast

Industrial vacuum cleaner 3 Flow Plast3 Flow Plast

Vacuum cleaner with 3 motors and automatic filter cleaning during use.

• Especially for fine dust
• No interruption during filter cleaning
• No loss of suction power
• 3 Polyester-cartridge filters
(1 Micron)
• High air flow
• Stainless steel- or conductive plastic tank
• The device is thermal protected
• Optional: Telecontrol for power tools



circular hand sawangular grinderabrasive cutter

The device is equipped with three motors. Each motor has its own, independent filter.
The device works automatic and cyclic with two suction motors and one motor in idling cycle. When this motor is not working, its filter is being cleaned.
Thanks to the working cycles of the motors, all filters are cleaned one after another.
This allows the device to work uninterrupted and without loss of suction power.
The user doesn’t have to activate additional switches.
These features add up to a gain in efficiency.

Model Number of
Power of the one stage by pass high speed motors
Volt/Hz water-lift
mm H2O
max. air flow m³/h Tank capacity in liters
3 Flow Plast 3 (2 working) 3000 max. 230/50 2560 476 62