Planet Medium Inox

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Industrial vacuum cleaner Planet Medium InoxIndustrial vacuum cleaner
Planet Medium Inox

Wet & dry vacuum cleaner suitable for suction of most fine dust types
Dimensions and filtering designed for industrial purposes.

Planet Medium Inox
•Voltage:           230-400 V
•Power:                        3 kW
•Water lift:     3100 mm H²O
•max. air flow:    320 m³/h
•Filter area:          24.000 cm²
•Tank capacity:              70l
•Noise level:            <85 dB(A)

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner Planet Medium Inox is equipped with an innovative filter cleaning system, which uses the backflow of the aspirated air.
The air is routed into the filter, while a mechanical appliance shakes the whole filter unit.
The device is suitable for suction of fine and very fine dust of almost all types, but no explosive dust.

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