In this category, you find a selection of vacuum cleaners for special applications.
This list can however neither represent our whole product range, nor all fields of special applications.
If you haven’t found the desired field of application, you may also try the search field up in the menu bar, browse our other categories or simply ask us via email or phone.

Bore chips and fluids / metal processing companies:
Mac bore chips vacuum

Baking ovens / bakeries:
Mac Volcan

Dust extraction for power tools (telecontrol):
Base 315 / 503
Plato Steel 515 TC
Mac Justo
3Flow Plast (To be explicitly ordered with telecontrol system)

Dangerous dust:
Mac Pulsar (L M and H filter classes available)
Boss line (Only with correspondent filter elements, always describe us the intended use.)
Planet 400 H (Industrial)

Dirt, in carpets or upholstery that can’t be vacuumed away:
Spray extraction cleaners

Explosion protected:
Planet Optim Atex Inox
Planet Medium Atex Inox
Boss PN series

Fine dust:
Planet Optim 3M Inox
Planet Medium Inox

Flood cleanup / fire brigade / industrial water removal:
Mac flood vacuum

Grafitti removal / facade cleaning:
Mac Crack

HEPA Filter:
Maxibag (To be explicitly ordered with HEPA-filter cartridge H13)
Maxibag 3 Flow (To be explicitly ordered with HEPA-filter cartridge H13)
3 Flow Barrel Vac (To be explicitly ordered with HEPA-cartridge filter 0,3 Micron)

Oil vacuum cleaners:
Mac oil vacuum cleaner
Planet medium Oil inox

Petrol stations:
Car care components

Textile industry:
Boss line (With textile accessory kit)